About us

We are an NGO established in 1973 working for the betterment of the poor and empowering the community so that they can become socially and economically independent.

Passion is the energy that keeps us going, that keeps us filled with meaning, and happiness, and excitement, and anticipation. Passion is a powerful force in accomplishing anything you set your mind to, and in experiencing work and life the fullest extent possible.

Ultimately, passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live better lives. At Association for Christian Thoughtfulness (ACT) we are passionate about people. This is the energy that drives us to make a difference in the lives of the poor and marginalized.

As ACT we also remember that we cannot do it alone. God has created us to live in communities and we are passionate about networking and learning with one another through the length and breadth of this city and nation of India. The story of our founder Rev. Viju Abraham continuous to inspire and challenge us as we step into the 41st year of our existence as ACT.

The wide reaching and vast impact that we have had as an organization is testament to the fact that inspiration and dedication and passion can truly move mountains. From a humble beginning of directly working in one or two communities to now empowering 20 communities we have come a long way.

Our Journey is long winded with many a twist and turn. We began initially with conducting direct community development work but in the 1990s we felt quite strongly that sustainability of development will only occur if we envision and empower the community for development rather than conduct the process.

We have seen the communities through his process for 3 - 5 years and it is with great pride that can state that around 40 percent of these communities that we have partnered with are continuing the process that we helped them begin. Some of them have blossomed and grown as organizations that now play a crucial role in the city.

Pastor Vivian Fernandes

Designation : Chairman

Pastor Adrian Lopes

Designation : Secretary

Ms. Neeta Kumar

Designation : Member

Ms. Shanthi Kurien

Designation : Member

Pastor Bathuwel Umale

Designation : Member

Usha Mary John

Designation : Treasurer

David Luke

Designation : Member


1)  To enhance the holistic development of children at risk
2)  To plan livelihoods and develop entrepreneurial skills among vulnerable youth and women
3)  To support people and families living with disease burden.
4)  To bolster community based efforts in the field of health, education and development
5)  To network with likeminded organizations and churches for social development of the people


After an extensive evaluation of all our programs Mental health was identified as a major concern in all communities as a whole, with special emphasis on women and children. This was incorporated as a major thematic area.


The Integration of all the projects viz. ACT-Chiraag, ACT-Nirnay and ULTI networking team is get amalgamated into one organization with one work one pay.


Dr. Alita Ram takes over as CEO of ACT in May 2012


Ms Shinnie Steven takes over the Director of Nirnay which now reaches out to the remand homes and holds Child Sex Abuse seminars and parenting workshops. ACT Nirnay also reaches out now to the police and the corporate sector.
ACT Chiraag conducts life- skills trainings for children and youth affected with HIV after being trained by ACT-Nirnay. The life skills trainings is extended to the communities wherein the same training is done with all the youth in our partner communities.


ACT-Nirnay enters the corporate sector, reaches out to the police and works on peer education and amongst HIV positive parents' children.
ACT Chiraag works with incorporating wholistic health with all the communities by training them for community preventative health.


In rural areas commences working in HIV prevention


ACT takes up gender awareness seminars and training in communities and "Women's Empowerment" issues.


Mrs. Shobha Sreekumar takes over as Director of ACT Nirnay


ACT-Nirnay is established by Dr.Lalitha Edwards and Dr. Alita Ram takes over as Director of ACT-Chiraag


Andy Eicher establishes ACT-Chiraag


Valsa Abraham sets Kalpana into motion with a focus on honor and dignity for the destitute women


Dr. Lalitha Edwards accelerates the work of ACT which is at this point operating under the name PACE.


ACT takes on the task of holding AIDS/HIV seminars and awareness campaigns in churches and also in Schools


ACT begins to partner with faith based communities. The HIV / AIDS awareness programme was birthed.


ACT was founded by Viju Abraham along with a group of Christians for the purpose of community development.

Our Vision

"Creating Synergy for City Transformation"