About us

The Networking & Justice program is conducted in partnership with a justice organization. Here we not only train communities to understand their rights and responsibilities but also advocate for their entitlements from their government and those in authority.
We also train the community in all aspects of child sexual abuse and help the victims to seek the courts for redressal and justice.

Our physical health program is an effective tool to train communities in understanding the impact of lack of knowledge of safe health practices. Here we tackle aspects of communicable and non-communicable diseases including reproductive health.

There are 3 facets of our program involved in mental health:

  • We train lay counsellors to provide basic counselling to the vulnerable population within the community. The beneficiaries vary from boys struggling with an adolescent crush to women facing domestic abuse and violence.
  • We also work in partnership with rescue and rehabilitation organization to provide the psychological part of the rehabilitation. To help the girls / women cope with her background and sexual abuse and exploitation, we provide different forms of therapy by trained counsellors. We wish to see the girls reintegrated back into society.
  • We train mental health workers to share awareness on common and severe mental health disorders to the community so that there is identification and treatment of such cases. As a result of the awareness, stigma and discrimination is significantly reduced.

This program has been an eye opener to many young boys and girls in understanding their self worth and not getting dragged into the miasma of poor self esteem, bad choices, addictions resulting in confused and vulnerable youth.
We conduct the program in schools, communities and shelter homes and this has been instrumental in young people making right choices.

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Our Vision

"Creating Synergy for City Transformation"